Pedagogy of Super Intelligence Development

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At Neuro Code Research, we use scientific methods to develop Super Intelligence Power:

No Chinese or Western medicine.
– No steroids.
No supplements.
– No external equipment.
No super forces or black magic.

We adopt a 5-step process called the Neuro SDESA™ Pedagogy:

1. Stimulate – Brain stimulation through Pictures, Animations, Videos and Finger Exercises.
2. Develop – Right brain development through Chroma Charts.
3. Enhance – Brain wave enhancement through Sound Wave Music.
4. Synchronise – Right and left brain synchronisation through Sound Wave Music.
5. Activate – Cerebellum and Midbrain activation through Sound Wave Music.

A patent has been filed for this technology. The patent application number is 10201509271V.
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Key Features of Neuro SDESA™

1. Neuro Code proprietary 3D Sound Wave Technology

– Enhances right brain alpha wave

– Synchronises right and left brain waves

– Activates Midbrain and Cerebellum

– Significant improvement over traditional 2D sound wave for Midbrain activation only.

2. Neuro Code proprietary Chroma Charts for Right Brain development to enhance creativity and innovation.

3. Neuro Code Copyrighted Neuro Code App Central software developed in collaboration with NeuroSky® Inc,a leading brain wave device manufacturer from USA.

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