Neuro Super Intelligence Development™ (SID) is a brain development program for children and adults to enhance their brain power and unlock inherent potentials of human brains.

Neuro SID is a 32 days program – 2 full days of classroom training + 30 days of self practice. The 2 full days of brain development program will be conducted by a Certified Instructor to take participants’ through the Neuro SDESA pedagogy and use Neuro Activatio sound waves to enhance right brain, sychronise right and left brains and activate Midbrain and Cerebellum. After the 2 days program, participants will be given a set of training kit to continue brain development at their own time for the next 30 days. The training kit includes a Gold Key that containing 30 times usage of Neuro Activatio Soundwave; a set of training cards with colours, alphabets and numbers and a Neuro Code App Central software which works with a NeuroSky® Neurofeedback headset.

Upon completion of the program, participants will see improvements in concentration, memory, creativity and innovations, brain power and brain waves. The program focuses on right brain development to improve memory, creativity and innovations. It will also train participants on concentration and focus skills.

Deploying state-of-art technologies and proven pedagogy, the program uses pictures, animations, videos and sound waves to stimulate and develop various parts of human brains and enhance the inter hemispheric communication between our right and left brains; resulting in improvement in concentration, memory power, creativity and innovation, thinking skills and emotional quotients. The Brain Development Program adopts Neuro Code Research company’s proprietary technologies in brain stimulation, right brain development, brain wave enhancement, synchronisation and activation. The techniques use in this program has been submitted for 2 Patent applications, which were published in Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) Patent Journal in Feb 2016.

Neuro Super Intelligence Development (SID) Program

Day 1 Program

9.30am – Report to Training Centre

10.00am – Self Introduction of Instructor and Participants

10.15am – Neuro Perspective™ – View Pictures from Different Perspectives

Neuro Vision™ – Understand the Limitation of Human Vision and the Concept of Peripheral Vision

10.45am – Neuro Exerceo™ – Motor Skill Enhancement Leading to Faster Reading Speed

11.15am – Neuro Memoria™ – Appreciation of Intuitive Memory

11.45am – Neuro Activatio™ – Brain Enhancement, Synchronisation, and Activation

12.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Match Stick Games and Motivational Videos

2.00pm – Neuro Chroma™ – Focus & Concentration and Intuitive Memory Training

2.45pm – Neuro Activatio™ – Brain Enhancement, Synchronisation, and Activation

3.30pm – Super Intelligence Power Application Training

4.30pm – Focus and Concentration Training with MindWave Headset and Neuro Code App Central

5.00pm – End of Day 1

Day 2 Program

10.00am – Neuro Exerceo™ and Neuro Chroma™

11.00am – Neuro Activatio™ – Brain Enhancement, Synchronisation, and Activation

11.45am – Super Intelligence Power Application Training

12.30pm – Lunch

1.30pm – Fun & Relaxation Videos

2.00pm – Super Intelligence Power Application Training

3.30pm – Parents Observation/MindWave Headset and Neuro Code App Central

4.00pm – Parents Guidance Course/MindWave Headset and Neuro Code App Central

5.00pm – End of Program