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Neuro Soundwave Therapy

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Neuro Soundwave Therapy uses an innovative technology of frequency modulation to help restless minds to relax and get into good sleeps.

It has been tested extensively and proven to be effective for people with sleeping problems and stress issues.

There are 2 versions of Sleepy Keys. Each key contains 2 soundwaves, one for sleep and the other for stress relieve.

–  Sleepy Key 10 (Green) for 10 time usage
–  Sleepy Key 30 (Silver) for 30 time usage

In Feb 2016, the Flagship product, Neuro Dormio was born.

Neuro Dormio and Sleepy Keys use state-of-the-art Neuro Soundwave Therapy technology. It generates a wave pattern similar to human brain wave. Then, it gradually moves to a synchronous wave pattern with reduced frequencies to reach THETA and DELTA states which will help to relax human brains and guide them to healthy state of sleep. With embedded wave technology, they do not require any ear phone as the low frequencies waves are carried by audible music.

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