Management Profile

Dr. Tang Juel Hoi

Dr. Tang Juel Hoi

National University of Singapore - B.Eng (EE) (Hons), MSc. (EE)
Sheffield State University, USA – Doctor of Science

Chairman & CEO, Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd
Chairman & CEO, Beijing Neuro Code Technology Co., Ltd.
Vice President, Singapore Chamber Commerce & Industry

• Possesses more than 25 years of R&D experience, 15 years in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network technologies, and 10 years in Neuro Soundwave technology.

• Lecturer, Research Scientist and Senior Management of Temasek Polytechnic, National University of Singapore and Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) Research Institute.

• Represented United Nation’s specialized agency, World Intellectual Property Organization as an International Expert Speaker in Intellectual Property Rights. Published Paper was adopted by several countries including the United States International Trade Commission in 2009, the Network of African Medical Librarians (Medlibafrica) in 2010 and The Republic of China (Taiwan) Parliament in 2013.

• Inventor of World’s First Virtual Factory, realization of concept design to 3D prototyping manufacturing from different parts of the world through Internet.

• CEO of A*Star spin-off company.

• CEO and GM of companies in SGX Main Board Listed Corporation.

Thind Sadhu Singh

Thind Sadhu Singh

General Manager

• Mr Singh graduated from Punjabi University of India with Master Degree in History.

• He has more than 30 years of experience in banking industry, working as Bank Manager in State Bank of Patiala, India.

• Possesses over 10 years of experience in financial management as Financial Controller and CFO in private companies in Singapore.

• Previously served as Financial Director of Delhi Express Pte Ltd and Financial Controller of Asia Pacific International Pte Ltd.

Vivian Koh

Vivian Koh

International Business Development Director, Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd

• An exceptional entrepreneur who is very passionate in the Education & Enrichment Industry with more than 16 years of educational experience

• Spearheaded various portfolios including Business Development, Education Business Consultancy and Enrichment for Products & Services.

• Developed a systematic and effective Sales Management methodology, through setting up First Class Tuition in 2009. Subsequently, she started First Class Education Consultancy to provide Business Consultancy Services in 2015 and has helped many entrepreneurs to step out of their comfort zone to achieve their goals.

• Key Portfolios held include:

- Founder/CE0 of International Education Council Pte Ltd.

- Founder/CEO of First Class Business Connect, First Class Education Consultancy and First Class Tuition

- Genius Mind Academy - Provide professional advice to parents on MidBrain Training Programs.

- Singapore Brain Development Pte Ltd - Provide professional advice to parents of both normal & special needs children.

- Igenius International Pte Ltd - Provide professional advice to parents on Right Brain Training Programs.

- World Business Group Pte Ltd - Provide entrepreneurship mentoring and training.

Fang Manxia, Yoyo

Fang Manxia, Yoyo

Personal Assistant to Chairman , Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd / Chief Operating Officer , Bejing Neuro Code Technology Co., Ltd

Neuro Code Certified Instructor
Neuro Code Principal Instructor

• Graduated from Peking University Resource Institute - Business Administration Faculty

• 10 years of experience as Radio Station Host and Mster of Ceremonies for commercial and business events. Won 1st Price in Hosting Competition.

• Major events hosted include:
- Celebration of 10th anniversary of the People’s Broadcasting Station of Xiangyang in Hubei
- Retirement party of the Beijing Fire Brigade
- The stone laying ceremony of the Zhuge Liang Cultural Plaza
- Official opening ceremony of the Nanjing Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau
- Official opening ceremony of the Wanda Plaza in Beijing

• 2 years of experience as hotel manager