Neuro Soundwave technology has been researched and developed by Neuro Code since 2008. Neuro Code owns full copyrights and has filed 6 patents on the technology. Neuro Soundwave technology combines the essence of traditional music therapy, binaural beats, and brainwave entrainment techniques. It represents a breakthrough over traditional methods and has created a new way to guide human brains to attain a desired state of mind with effective results. The effect of Neuro Soundwaves is significantly better than traditional music therapy, binaural beats, or brain wave entrainment techniques. As an analogy: Music is like a cup of coffee, and Neuro Soundwaves are like fresh milk. By adding steamed fresh milk into coffee in a specific manner, we will have Latte – a special brew of delicious coffee. We have simulated desired human brain wave patterns and frequencies and embedded them into music through special methods which produce highly efficient Neuro Soundwaves. Music is used as a carrier to bring Neuro Soundwaves into human brains through our ears.

We use music to bring Neuro Soundwaves into the brain. In the process of listening to music, Neuro Soundwaves gradually guide the brain to the desired state. As the music plays, the waveform, frequency, and amplitude of Neuro Soundwaves are gradually changing and regulating the user’s brain waves, allowing the brain to relax and get into quality sleep.

The music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves will create slow brain cell oscillations, leading the brain into a state of meditation and relieve its stress.

The music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves will slowly induce the brain to relax, gradually getting into high-quality sleep through low-frequency oscillation of brain cells.

The music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves will stimulate and activate brain cells and enhance neuron connections, resulting in a more active brain and positive emotions. This will help people who has early dementia.

Watch a short video listed above for understanding why our human needs Neuro Soundwave.

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Soundwaves Included:
Sleep Soundwaves
Emojoy Soundwaves
Relaxation Soundwaves
Baby Soundwaves

It is not about the music, it is about the embedded hidden soundwave that trigger your neuro connections.