Neuro Destress Program (NDP)


Neuro Destress Program (NDP) is a brain relaxation program for adults to relax and enhance mental wellness through Neuro Soundwaves and relaxation techniques.

In this 6 hours workshop, participants will learn relaxation techniques to help their brains to have good rest and reduce their stresses. Participants will also get to enjoy Neuro Activatio Soundwave which consists of waves to enhance creativity and to synchronise right and left hemispheres of the brain to reduce stress.

The program also includes appreciation of Neuro Dormio Soundwaves for improvement of sleep quality, Neuro Laxo Soundwave for Relaxation and Neuro Emojoy to enhance positive emotions. All participants attending this program will get a Neuro Laxo. It is a device embedded with Neuro Relaxation Soundwaves.

The Neuro Soundwave used in this program has been filed for 2 PCT International Patents, 2 National Patents in Singapore and 2 National Patents in China.

Neuro Laxo

Neuro Laxo – includes Neuro Relaxation Soundwaves


Day 1 Program

10.00am Neuro Exerceo

10.30am Relax & Fun – Have fun and relax your mind

10.45am Break

11.00am Neuro Laxo Soundwave Appreciation

11.30pm Neuro Activatio – Brain Enhancement, Synchronisation, and Activation

12.00pm Lunch

1.00pm Neuro Emojoy Soundwave Appreciation

1.30pm Neuro Memoria – Appreciation of intuitive memory

2.00pm Neuro Dormio Soundwave Appreciation

2.30pm Break

2.45pm Neuro Activatio – Brain Enhancement, Synchronisation, and Activation

3.15pm Familiarisation with Neuro Laxo

4.00pm End of Program

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