Introduction to Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd

Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd was incorporated in January 2015 with its headquarter located in Singapore. It has also set up its China head office in Shenzhen – Shenzhen Neuro Code Research Co., Ltd and a Master Authorised Training Centre in Thailand – Neuro Code
(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Neuro Code Research Centre develops leading edge technologies based on published research results from leading international universities and research centres to unleash hidden potentials of the human brain and improve mental wellness. From the research results, we developed the Neuro SDESA pedagogy and develop simple yet effective courses to help children and adults reduce stress, enhance brainpower, improve concentration, memory and sensory perception ability. Neuro Code Research also develops and produces a series of mental wellness products to help children, adults and elderly people to relax, improve sleep quality, enhance positive emotions, and slow down brain aging processes to prevent Dementia.

Since 2015, the company has set up more than 200 Authorised Training Centres in various cities in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Singapore. Three clinical trials were successfully conducted for a Shopping Mall in Singapore, a Woman and Children Hospital in Malaysia and a Primary School in Fuzhou, China. Apart from R&D of Neuro Soundwave Technology for brain power development and mental wellness enhancement; Neuro Code Research Centre also develops technology to help improve the quality of life of special needs people with ADHD, Autism and Dementia symptoms.

Company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Tang Juel Hoi possesses more than 25 years of R&D experience; 15 years in Artificial Intelligence and Neural Network technologies and 12 years in Neuro Soundwave technology. He has filed 8 international patents and 2 original copyrights on the Neuro Soundwave technology. He is also the inventor of the World’s first Virtual Factory – realisation of conceptual design to 3D rapid prototyping and manufacturing through the Internet. 

Dr. Tang has represented the United Nation’s specialised agency, World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) as its International Expert Speaker. He has served as Lecturer, Research Scientist and senior management in Temasek Polytechnic, National University of Singapore and Agency of Science, Technology and Research (A*Star) Research Institute. He was CEO of A*Star Spin-off company and CEO of High Tech companies under SGX Main Board Listed Corporation.

Combining strong management, R&D capability and in-depth market knowledge, Neuro Code Research Pte Ltd is poised to become a market leader in providing effective brain development technologies, training programs and products in the mental wellness industry. 

Management Profile

Dr. Tang JH
Thind Sadhu Singh
Vivian Koh
Tang Yu Zhun
Eddy Teo
Calvin Neo

Neuro Code Mission Statement

Neuro Code Milestones

What we achieved and counting:

Nov 2015

Present @ 6th World Healthy Lifestyle Forum

Aug 2016

Training for Malaysia Professor and Students

Aug 2016

Interviewed by 883FM Radio Station

Jun 2017

SID training for United Soccer Team

Jul 2017

Signed Licensing of Soundwave

Aug 2017

Present at SingTel Learning Fiesta

Sep 2017

Signed Economic Cooperation Agreement

Sep 2017

Partnership with Pan Asia & Yamaha Thailand

Oct 2017

Neuro Soundwave Implementation

Oct 2017

Neuro Relaxation waves in Hougang Mall

Nov 2017

Launch of Neuro
Wellness Watch

Feb 2018

Published Research Paper @ Research Gate GmbH, Germany

May 2018

Neuro Code Research forged Strategic Partnership with EnableAsia (social enterprise) to build a world without Dementia.

July 2018

Collaboration with Doctors at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital to help elderly patients with sleep problem and prevention of Dementia

Aug 2018

Signing Ceremony with Beijing Dezhihua Education Group as Master Distributor of Brain Stimulator in China

Sept 2018

Invited by Consumer Association of Malaysia to share benefits of Soundwave on Brain Enhancement and Mental Wellness

Oct 2018

Invited to present at The Enabling Festival 2018: Impact of Neuro Soundwave on Sleep and Dementia

Nov 2018

Official Opening of Neuro Code Shenzhen Flagship Training Centre

Jan 2019

Licensing of Soundwave (IC Chips) to Shenzhen Lan Baobei Ltd

Feb 2019

Presentation of Neuro Code to MOE and 70 schools in Bangkok, Thailand

May 2019

Licensing of Neuro Code Brain Development Program to Intelligence Star Education Group in Shandong, China.

July 2019

Neuro Code Mental Wellness Program for Hwa Chong Institution during Staff Retreat

July 2019

Presentation of Neuro Code to more than 100 private schools in Hat Yai, Thailand

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