Brain Stimulator


Brain Stimulator is a product developed to stimulate synapses to enhance neuron connections. With specific waveform and frequencies, the Soundwave targets areas of the brain to improve users focus and concentration, memory, problem solving ability and creativity. With these improvements, users will see significant improvement in their learning ability. This is particularly useful for students, undergraduates and working adults. For most users, it will take 2 to 3 weeks to see improvement in focus and concentration ability and 1 to 2 months to see improvement in memory.


The Brain Stimulator uses a comfortable headphone embedded with Neuro Activatio Soundwave contained in an IC chip. The device contains an Activatio Soundwave of 25 mins and a Relaxation wave of 3 hours.


Soundwave Architecture

Neuro Activatio Soundwave is an unique Soundwave deploying several technologies in unison. It blends together music therapy, binaural beats, brain entrainment technology and rhythmic oscillation in a harmonious manner to stimulate the human brain systematically and effectively.


Apart from the Neuro Activatio Soundwave, the Brain Stimulator also contains a 3 hour Relaxation Soundwave. If an user falls asleep while listening to the Neuro Activatio Soundwave, the device will continue to play the Relaxation wave after 25 mins.


The Neuro Activatio Soundwave is a 25min long soundwave with 5 key functions as below:

1.  Neuro Code’s Relaxation wave to help user enter meditation state, promote Neuron connections enhance their brain functions.

2.  Alpha waves to enhance right brain, improves creativity and innovative thinking.

3.  Synchronise right and left brain waves. Relieve stress and improve focus and concentration.

4.  Activates Midbrain to enhance motor skill coordination ability.
Activates Cerebellum to enhance fear regulation and sensory perception.

5.  Improve emotion control and long-term memory.


Target User Group

Brain Stimulator is designed and developed for students and undergraduates who desires to perform well in academic studies. Key cognitive functions that determine academic excellence are: memory, focus & concentration, problem solving ability and creativity. The Brain Stimulator will improve these cognitive functions leading to improve learning abilities. Many working adults are also continually improve their knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing world. Hence, the Brain Stimulator will greatly help them in their learning journey.

Recommended Product Usage

Brain Stimulator is a wearable headphone embedded with a Neuro Soundwave IC chip. Users could listen to the embedded Brain Stimulation Soundwave two to three times a day, 25 mins each time. The device also comes with an 3 hours Relaxation wave. If you fall asleep while listening to the Brain Stimulation Soundwave, it is perfectly fine. After 25 mins when the Brain Stimulation Soundwave finishes, the device will automatically switch to the Relaxation wave. You can continue to sleep or if you are still awake, you can switch off the device.


The headphone is preset to a reasonable volume level. Users could increase or decrease the volume according to personal preferences by adjusting the buttons on the headphone. Operation procedure is contained in the User Manual in the product package.


When using the Brain Stimulator, you should stay relax and calm, try not to do other work while listening to the Brain Stimulation Soundwave. This is to ensure your brain is at a relax mode and it will greatly enhance the efficacy of Brain Stimulation Soundwave.

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