Neuro Code
Train-The-Trainers (TTT) Program


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Neuro Code Train-The-Trainers Program is a 4 days program to train qualified instructors to conduct its programs. The first day of the program is a shorten version of Super Intelligence Development Basic Program. Participants will go through the key modules and experience the Chroma Charts and Activatio Soundwave. They will get a set of training materials for their next 30 days practice at home. The next 3 days of training cover the theories behind the technology and effective teaching methods.

Upon completion of the TTT program, instructors are required to attend a certification test comprising of both theory and practical tests. Instructors who pass the certification test will be awarded a certificate of achievement and enrolled in as a Neuro Code Certified Instructor.

Every participant is given a SID Basic Gold Key (30 times usage & 6 months validity), a set of colour cards and a Basic Stimulator, which allows him/her to continue with brain development practices after completion of the program.


Day 1 Program (Hands-on Session)
10.00am   The Amazing World of Super Intelligence
11.15am   Break
11.30am   Neuro Perspective
12.00pm   Neuro Vision 1
12.30pm   Lunch
1.30pm    Neuro Memoria
2.00pm    Neuro Exerceo
2.30pm    Neuro Chroma
3.15pm    Break
3.30pm    Neuro Activatio
4.15pm    Sensory Perception Training
5.00pm    End of Day 1
Day 2 Program (Theory Session)
10.00am   Understanding “The Neuro Training Key” and the SID Control Panels
10.30am   Neuro Code Training Programs
11.00am   Break
11.15am   Neuro Perspective
11.45am   Neuro Vision 1 & 2
12.30pm   Lunch
1.30pm    Neuro Exerceo
2.00pm    Neuro Memoria
2.30pm    Focus Observe 1 & 2
3.15pm    Break
3.30pm    Concentra
4.15pm    Match Stick Games 1 & 2
5.00pm    End of Day 2
Day 3 Program (Theory Session)
10.00am   Motivational Video
10.30am   Neuro Chroma
11.15am   Break
11.30am   3D Chroma
12.00pm   Challenge Your Mind
12.30pm   Lunch
1.30pm    Neuro Sonus 1 & 2
2.15pm    Relax & Fun
2.45pm    Memory Training
3.15pm    Break
3.30pm    Neuro Activatio
4.15pm    Neuro Activatio Plus
5.00pm    End of Day 3
Day 4 Program (Background Theory Session)
10.00am   Sensory Perception Training
10.30am   Parents Guidance Course
11.15am   Break
11.30am   3D Brain Power Assessment
12.30pm   Lunch
1.30pm    Neuro Focus Program
          - Little Red Dot
          - Spot Shapes
          - Focus Observe
          - Neuro Sonus
          - Rainbow Transformer
          - Neuro Chroma
3.15pm    Break
3.30pm    Neuro Sleep Program
4.30pm    End of Day 4


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Train-The-Trainers (TTT) Program”

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