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Dormio Plus is a product developed specifically for people with sleep challenges. It is useful for people facing difficulty of getting into sleep and people who get up in the middle of night and have difficulty to get back into sleep again. The device produces Sleep Soundwave embedded in music that can be shared by several persons within a room. Dormio Plus also improve the users deep sleep duration leading to better health and mental wellness. It helps users to wake up fresh, alert and energetic the next day.

There are 20 Neuro Sleep Soundwave built into Dormio Plus, each for up to 8 hours. When the user sleeps, Dormio Plus will play music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves that slowly induce the brain to relax, gradually getting into high-quality sleep through low-frequency oscillation of brain cells. Users can select different music genresaccording to personal liking or play it continuously in a loop. Keep the volume of Dormio at a comfortable level in order not to affect sleep quality.

Soundwave Architecture

Sleep Soundwave deploys brain entrainment technology. It generates a specific waveform and frequencies to attain synchronised resonance with the user’s brain frequencies. After this, the Sleep Soundwave reduces its frequencies gradually from Beta to Delta which is deep sleep stage. When the entrainment process happened, the user’s brain will follow the Sleep Soundwave and the user will thus get into deep sleep Delta stage. This process is similar to hypnosis of the brain to induce calm and relaxation to a restless brain.

Recommended Product Usage

Neuro Soundwave uses embedded technology to embed low-frequency waves that are effective for the brain into audible music through mathematical algorithms. By listening to music, users can relieve stress and get into quality sleep. When using the Dormio Plus, make sure that the environment is quiet, lights are dim, and sleeping position is comfortable. Users do not have to deliberately listen to music. Just relax and take the music as background music. Neuro Soundwaves will guide the brain intoa state ofquality sleep. Dormio Plus should not be placed too close to the ear. It should be placed between 1 and 3 meters for best results. Soundwaves can spread and propagate tofill a 6mx 6m room. If you are sensitive to sound while sleeping, please turn down Dormio Plus volume to the minimum. Soundwaves will automatically spread to all corners of the room. Neuro Soundwaves help to solve sleep problems through physical methods. It is non-invasive and does not generate dependency. Users generally listen to Neuro Soundwaves for 3 to 4 weeks to improve sleep.

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