Neuro Emojoy


Neuro Emojoy is a product developed specifically for people with depressed mood. There are eight Neuro Emojoy Soundwaves built into Emojoy, each for up to 3 hours.

When the user turns on Emojoy, the music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves will create brain cell oscillations through cyclical ramping up of frequencies.

This will stimulate brain cell oscillations, resulting in a more active and alert brain and inculcates positive emotions. Users can select different music genres according to personal liking or play it continuously in a loop.


Soundwave Architecture

Neuro Emojoy uses a cyclical waveform that increases its frequencies from Theta to Gamma stage. At Gamma stage, the brain attains a high frequency and is easily excited. It then drops the frequency rapidly to Theta. The cycle repeats several times. The user’s brain feels like going through a roller coaster, resulting in excitation, alertness and brings joy and happiness to the depressed person.

Target User Group


Neuro Emojoy is suitable for users above 6 years old. It works well for teenagers and adults, and it is particularly effective for elderly people. Neuro Emojoy helps to perk up the positive emotions of users making their brains more active and alert.


Recommended Product Usage

Neuro Soundwaves stimulates and induces brain cell oscillations. Emojoy could be used indoor or outdoor. It should not be placed too close to the ear. It should be placed between 0.5 and 3 meters for best results. Neuro Soundwaves is non-invasive and does not generate dependency. Users can use Emojoy on a long term basis to enhance mental wellness and keep the brain active and alert.


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