Neuro Laxo


Neuro Laxo is a product developed specifically for people with stress problems and those who enjoy Yoga or meditation. There are eight Neuro Relaxation Soundwaves built into Laxo, each for up to 3 hours.

When the user turns on Laxo, the music embedded with Neuro Soundwaves will create slow brain cell oscillations, leading the brain into a state of meditation and relieve its stress. Users can select different music genres according to personal liking or play it continuously in a loop.


Soundwave Architecture


Laxo used Relaxation Soundwave with brain entrainment technology. It generates a specific waveform and frequencies to attain synchronised resonance with the user’s brain frequencies. After this, the Relaxation Soundwave reduces its frequencies gradually from Beta to Theta which is meditative and imaginative states of the mind. When the entrainment process happened, the user’s brain will follow the Relaxation Soundwave and the user will thus get into Theta phase of brain mediation mode. This process is similar to hypnosis of the brain to induce calm and relaxation to a restless brain.

Target User Group


Neuro Laxo is suitable for users of all ages from infants to elderly people. Soundwave is omnidirectional, it travels in all direction filling up available spaces. This is similar to water flow which will eventually fill up the passable space. The device is suitable to use at home, in office or outdoor for a few persons of different ages to relax and enjoy moments of peace and calmness together.


Recommended Product Usage


While using the Laxo device, users do not have to deliberately listen to music. Just relax and take the music as ambient music. Neuro Soundwaves will guide the brain into a state of meditation. Laxo should not be placed too close to the ear. It should be placed between 0.5 and 3 meters for best results.

Its Soundwaves can spread and propagate to fill a 6mx 6m room. If you are sensitive to sound, please turn down Laxo’s volume to the minimum. Soundwaves will automatically spread to all corners of the room. Neuro Soundwaves help to solve stress problems through physical methods.

It is non-invasive and does not generate dependency. Users can use Laxo on a long term basis, or when you are feeling high stress. Play the Laxo music with Neuro Soundwave, it will help to relieve stress and enhance your mental wellness.

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