Master Instructor Program


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Certified Neuro Master Program is a 3 days program which helps participants to better their cognitive functions and methods to improve them. It also trains qualified instructors to conduct Neuro Code’s brain development and mental wellness programs. Participants will go through the key modules and experience the Chroma Charts and Activatio Soundwave. They will get a set of training materials for their next 30 days practice at home. Apart from experiential learning, the 3 days of training cover the theories behind the technology and effective teaching methods 


Upon completion of the Certified Neuro Master Program, instructors are required to attend a certification test comprising of both theory and practical tests. Instructors who pass the certification test will be awarded a certificate of achievement and enrolled in as a Certified Neuro Master.


Every participant is given a SID Basic Gold Key (6 months validity), a set of colour cards and a Brain Stimulator, which allows him/her to continue with brain development practices after completion of the program. 

Day 1 Program 

10.00am    The Amazing World of Super Intelligence

12.00am    Neuro Perspective

12.30am    Lunch

1.30pm    Neuro Vision 1

2.00pm      Neuro Exerceo

2.30pm      Neuro Memoria

3.00pm      Neuro Chroma

4.45pm      Neuro Activatio

4.30pm      End of Day 1


Day 2 Program

10.00am    Understanding “The Neuro Training Key” and the SID Control Panels

10.30am    Neuro Vision 2

11.00am    Focus Observe 1 & 2

11.45am    Match Stick Games 1 & 2

12.30pm    Lunch

1.30pm      Concentra

2.00pm      Motivational Video

2.30pm      Memory Training

3.15pm      Challenge Your Mind

4.00pm      Neuro Sonus 1 & 2

4.30pm      End of Day 2


Day 3 Program 

10.00am    Relax & Fun

10.30am    3D Chroma

11.00pm    Neuro Activatio 2

11.45pm    Sensory Perception Training

12.30pm    Lunch

1.30pm      EEG and Neuro Code Brain Training Apps

2.30pm      Neuro Focus Program

– Little Red Dot
– Spot Shapes
– Focus Observe
– Neuro Sonus
– Rainbow Transformer
– Neuro Chroma
– Neuro Code Brain Training App

3.30pm      Neuro Sleep Program

– Why is sleep important?
– The Science of Sleep
– 9 Steps to Good Sleep
– What is Neuro Soundwave?
– 8 mins Sleep Soundwave Test Drive

4.30pm      End of Day 3

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