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Neuro Sleep Program is a wellness program developed to help improve sleep quality of participants, leading to better health, stable emotion and improve memory.

The program is developed based on several key research findings from international renowned research centres including Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins Medicine, Oxford University, Soul Sleep Centre and Neuro Code Research Centre. It combines sleep hygiene with sleep aids for a holistic solution to improve sleep quality.

The first 7 steps to good sleep will help participants to prepare for a good night of sleep. It then follows by 2 steps of neuroscience technology developed by Neuro Code Research Centre to bring the participants through a whole night of good sleep. During the program, participants will get to appreciate the Neuro Laxo Soundwave for relaxation and Neuro Dormio Soundwave for deep sleep. Participants will also be exposed to available products that they could bring home to improve their quality of sleep.

All Neuro Sleep Programs are conducted by Certified Specialist Neuro Trainers using Neuro Code’s proprietary brain development pedagogy and Neuro Code’s Neuro Soundwave technology. The Neuro Soundwave used in this program has filed for 8 International Patents and 2 Original Music Copyrights. The program also uses established psychology and neuro science techniques from leading universities and research centres.

Upon completion of the program, participants will see improvements in mental wellness, health, memory and sleep quality. Every participant is given a Neuro Sleep Key (30 times usage & 6 months validity) which allows him/her to continue enjoy Dormio Sleep Soundwave after completion of the program. Participants could also purchase the Neuro Dormio Plus. It is a device embedded with Dormio Sleep Soundwaves.

Program Outline

10.00am   Why is Sleep Important?
          – Video from Seoul Sleep Center
          – Video from Harvard Medical School
10.30am   Science of Better Sleep
          – Various Stages of Sleep
          – 3 stages of N-REM and REM sleep cycles
          Sleep Architecture
          Sleep Hygiene (Video from John Hopkins Center for Sleep)
11.15am   Break
11.30am   9 Steps to Better Sleep
          – Step 1. Create a Sleep Sanctuary (Video from NASA)
          – Step 2. Try Relaxation Rituals
          – Appreciation of Relaxation Soundwave
12.15am   9 Steps to Better Sleep
          – Step 3. Follow Sleep Schedule
          – Step 4. Curb Caffeine, Alcohol and Tobacco
          – Step 5. Exercise
1.00pm    Lunch
2.00pm    9 Steps to Better Sleep
          – Step 6. Discipline in Eating & Drinking
          – Step 7. Try Meditation or Mindfulness
          – Practice Glowing Ball mindfulness technique
          – Step 8. Neuro Laxo Soundwave
3.00pm    Break
3.15pm    9 Steps to Better Sleep
          – Step 9. Neuro Dormio Soundwave
          What is Neuro Soundwave? (Video on Brain Entrainment Demo)
3.45pm    Introduction to Neuro Laxo, Laxo Plus and Dormio Plus
          Measurement of Sleep Quality
4.00pm    Sleep Soundwave Appreciation
4.30pm    Introduction to Sleep Aids with Embedded Soundwave Technology
5.00pm    End of Program
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