Sleep Test Drive


Do you know that you are spending 1/3 of your life sleeping?

A recent research by Dr. Robert Stickgold, Harvard Medical School established that for every 1hr of active learning while you are awake, you will need 30mins in your sleep to process the information and stored them into stable memory.

So if you are awake for 16hrs a day, you will need 8hrs of sleep to process and stored the information into stable memory.

Join Sleep Test Drive to better understand sleep quality and device to measure sleep. You will also have live experience of memory creation cycle in sleep and test drive sleep with Neuro Soundwave.


Program Outline:

1.Why is Sleep Important?

2.What is Good Sleep?

3.How to Measure Your Sleep Quality?

4.Live Experience of Memory Creation Cycle in Sleep

Sleep Test Drive with Neuro Soundwave


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