Super Intelligence Development (SID)
Child Full Program



Children Super Intelligence Development (SID) Program is a brain development program for children and students from age 3 to 18 to enhance their brain power and to unleash the hidden potentials of their brains.

SID is a fun and effective program. The program will be conducted over 16 sessions of 90 mins each. Every participant is given a SID Basic Gold Key (30 times usage & 6 months validity), a SID Advance Gold Key (30 times usage & 6 months validity) and a set of colour cards, which allows him/her to continue with brain development practices after completion of the program. Participants could also purchase the Basic Stimulator and Advance Stimulator for long term usage.

All SID programs are conducted by Certified Neuro Specialist Trainers using Neuro Code Research’s proprietary brain development pedagogy – Neuro SDESA; and Neuro Code Research’s patent pending technology – Neuro Activatio Soundwave. The program also uses established psychology and neuro science techniques from leading universities and research centres.

Upon completion of the program, participants will see improvements in focus and concentration, memory power, creativity; and enhanced sensory perception.

Deploying state-of-art technology and proven pedagogy, the program uses pictures, animations, videos, finger exercises and Neuro Soundwaves to stimulate and develop specific regions of human brain and enhance the inter-hemispheric communication between our right and left hemispheres of the brain; resulting in improvements in focus & concentration, memory power, creativity and enhanced sensory perception. The Neuro Soundwave used in this program has filed for 8 International Patents and 2 Original Music Copyrights in China.


Lesson Plan – 16 sessions, 90 mins each session

Lesson Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Topic Duration Topic Duration Topic Duration
1 Neuro Perspective 20min Neuro Vision 1 20min Neuro Chroma 40min
2 Neuro Exerceo (1,2&3) 20min Neuro Memoria 20min Neuro Chroma 40min
3 Neuro Exerceo (4,5&6) 20min Focus Observe 1 (Group 1&2) 20min Neuro Activatio 40min
4 Match Stick Games 1 (1,2&3) 20min Focus Observe 1 (Group 3&4) 20min Neuro Activatio 40min
5 Match Stick Games 1 (4.5&6) 20min Motivational Videos 20min Neuro Activatio 40min
6 Neuro Chroma 40min Neuro Activatio 40min
7 Neuro Activatio 40min Perception Training 40min
8 Neuro Activatio 40min Parent Guidance Course/ Perception Training 40min
9 Challenge Your Mind 20min Concentra 20min 3D Chroma 40min
10 Memory Training 20min Concentra 20min 3D Chroma 40min
11 Memory Training 20min Relax & Fun 20min Neuro Activatio Plus 40min
12 Neuro Sonus 1 20min Laxo Soundwave Appreciation 20min Neuro Activatio Plus 40min
13 Neuro Sonus 2 20min Motivational Videos 20min Neuro Activatio Plus 40min
14 3D Chroma 40min Neuro Activatio Plus 40min
15 Neuro Activatio Plus 40min Perception Training 40min
16 Neuro Activatio Plus 40min Perception Training 40min

Note:  Each session is 80 mins in total with a 10 mins break in between the modules.


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Child Full Program”

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