Spectra Juze


An Eye Massager to Rejuvenate Eye and Brain Fatigue


Spectra Juze is a digital wellness product developed by Neuro Code Research to rejuvenate human eyes and brain after pro-long usage of digital devices such as mobile phones and computers, which could lead to tiredness and addiction. It is also associated with high stress levels and anxiety leading to attention issues and behavior problems.

Many children and adults use mobile phones and computers for several hours a day. The screen of these devices produce Blue lights, which is high frequency and high energy. Blue lights cause fatigue to the eye and brain and could result in loss in focus, mental fatigues, stress and mood swing.

Spectra Juze combines an effective eye massager and a Neuro Juze wave to provide relaxation to the areas around the eyes and to make the brain more refresh and alert. It targets acupoints around the eyes to relieve tensions and reduce headache caused by fatigue.

The Juze wave was embedded in a relaxing background music of nature sounds. Some users could feel the pulsating effect of Juze wave producing a brain massage feeling. It is very comfortable and relaxing which could relieve stress and help users to sleep well.

Soundwave Architecture


Spectra Juze is embedded with a “Juze” Soundwave, which is a short form for Rejuvenating Wave. Juze wave uses binaural beats with different frequencies coming from both the right and left sides of the ears to produces a soothing effect of brain massage. It also reduces mentalfatigue, stress and mood swing. The Juze wave with background music lasts for 15mins per session. The eye massager will also automatically switch off after 15 mins.

Target User Group


Spectra Juze is designed and developed for users who spend many hours on mobile phones and/or computers on a daily basis. This includes children, students and working adults. Target user group starts from 6 years old. The wearable device is useful for computer gamers, online traders and staff who needs to face the computer screen for long hours due to their work requirement. For very young children where the eye massager is too big, they could just listen to the Juze wave using the earphones without the eye massager.


Recommended Product Usage


Before putting on the eye massager, always plug in the earphone and wear it first. The side of earphone with volume adjustment (marked with a red circle in the picture below) should be worn on the right ear.

On the right hand side of the eye massager, press the middle gold button to turn on music with Juze wave and eye massage function. Adjustthe music volume to a comfortable level. You can press once on the V+ to increase volume, or V- to reduce volume. The top right button is to activate vibration mode and bottom right button is to turn on heating function.

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 24 × 17 × 11 cm


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